Joint Rescue Coordination Center

Γραφείο Επιτρόπου Προστασίας Δεδομένων Προσωπικού Χαρακτήρα

The European Programs Department of JRCC is responsible for the managing:

a. The European Funds and Programmes, such as the European Internal Security Fund, and the grants provided by the countries of the European Economic Area and Switzerland though the European Funds Unit (MET) which is the Responsible Authority for Home Affairs Funds to support the aims of the national programme, developing an innovative system of security and surveillance in the Search and Rescue Region of Republic of Cyprus.

b. The EU Competitive Programmes such as «Horizon 2020» where we participate as an end-user in innovation and research programmes related to Search and Rescue operations.

    Projects in progress


    JRCC is proceeding with the implementation of the project "JRCC RELOCATION ". The project includes the relocation of all the departments of the JRCC (JRCC Ops Room, Cyprus Radio and Cyprus Mission Control Center) from their existing location to new developed Installations on the site of the "ZENON" Coordination Center in order to achieve their immediate contact and co-operation.

    The JRCC considers that there will be significant benefits and improvement regarding the execution of its mission and especially in upgrading its operational capacity regarding the control and coordination of migration flows from crisis countries in the Middle East and more efficient handling of MRO incidents (Maritime or Air Accident, Refugees – Immigrants) in the framework of National Plan "TEFKROS"). JRCC signed funding agreement with the European Funds Unit.


    In order to improve the services and capabilities of the existing Coastal Surveillance System, JRCC seeks to implement the Phase III of the project aiming to expand the coverage to survey current un-observed areas improving the maritime border control capabilities. Further, the addition of cameras at high altitude mountainous areas will assist the surveillance inland in cases of aeronautical accidents. JRCC signed funding agreement with the European Funds Unit.

    High-Speed Vessels

    JRCC intends to purchase high-speed vessels seeking to increase the immediate response capabilities of the Search and Rescue Units of the Republic of Cyprus in and out of the territorial waters, in cases of emergencies arising from the migration flows in the Eastern Mediterranean region. The project consist the purchase of four (4) semi-inflatable SAR boats with specialized night observation equipment, which due to their flexibility, speed and observation capabilities will significantly reduce the response time to such high-risk situations which require rescuers to arrive on the scene in the shortest possible time, with increased capabilities during night conditions. JRCC signed funding agreement with the European Funds Unit.

    HORIZON 2020


    EMERALD will validate and demonstrate in operational settings a versatile and powerful maritime patrol platform, designed as a System of Systems, consisting of small maritime patrol vessels, unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned underwater
    vehicles, both with very long endurance and an extended range of operation, which will be fully integrated into one operational platform. EMERALD will contribute to cost-effective maritime security as it will enable smaller maritime patrol vessels for the first time with beyond-line-of-site operation capabilities and employ lower cost equipment and effectively execute missions which until now were executed only by large vessels with large landing decks and expensive equipment. In other words, a small maritime patrol vessel will be able to perform as effectively as hugely expensive corvettes and frigates.