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Table-Top exercise NEMESIS-2017 conducted on 19th of September at the JRCC/Zenon Centre - 19/09/2017 06:08:41 μμ

It is announced that a Table Top exercise with the participation of the Republic of Cyprus, the State of Israel, France, Greece and the United Kingdom, took place on Tuesday, the 19th of September 2017, at the JRCC/“ZENON” Coordination Center. The scenario of the exercise examined the confrontation of an isolated emergency incident within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus, including attacks of armed groups on oil rigs, search & rescue operations and sea pollution.

In total, 50 executives and officers participated, while the Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) Larnaca undertook the overall coordination and organization of the exercise. Specifically, 20 agencies of various Ministries of the Republic of Cyprus attended, while all participating countries were represented by high ranking civilian and military officials of their competent agencies. Company executives of «Exxon Mobil», «ENI Cyprus», «Noble Energy», «TOTAL», «EDT Offshore Ltd» and «PetroNav Ship Management Limited», as well as representatives of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), also attended.

The exercise examined the efficiency of the actions and procedures that the competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus will follow, as they are described in the Special National Plans “NEARCHOS”, “ASPIDA” and “ORFEAS”, as well as in the Rules of Engagement of the National Guard.

The scenario of the Table Top exercise, will be also tested during the Multinational Exercise “NEMESIS 2017”, a live-ex that will be conducted at sea, on the 17th of October 2017, involving air and naval units, aiming to develop effective cooperation between the JRCC Larnaca, all the involved agencies of the Republic of Cyprus as well as with the neighboring and friendly states, in order to respond to emergency situations on oil rigs as well as other humanitarian operations in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The findings of this exercise will be examined in order to further improve the cooperation between the relevant agencies and organizations of the participating states, based on the regulations of the International Maritime Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization, and the European Union.







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