Republic of Cyprus


    Today, with 56 States from Europe, Central Asia and America, the OSCE is the world's largest regional security organization, aiming at comprehensive and co-operative security in a region that stretches from Vancouver to Vladivostok. The Republic of Cyprus has been active in the past years, in the framework of the Organization, maintaining an extrovert policy in order to promote the interests of the National Guard.

    Along these lines, it fulfils its commitments as an OSCE member, which involve the provision of information within specific time limits and the active participation in military activities, conferences and seminars. In order to respond more efficiently to all its commitments, the Republic of Cyprus has appointed a military officer to its Permanent Mission in Vienna, to follow up on OSCE military issues in the Forum for Security and Cooperation.

    Within the framework of the Vienna Document ΄99, the Republic organised, in June 2001, a visit to its military installations with the participation of 42 officers from 27 member states. Within 2006, a second visit to military installations was conducted, with the participation of 36 officers from 22 member states. Finally, in May 2009, the 3rd and most recent visit was organized, with the participation of 29 officers from 19 member states.

    Additionally, the Republic of Cyprus occasionally undertakes evaluation and inspection visits to other OSCE Participating States, in the framework of abiding by the Confidence and Security Building Measures.